Mel Williamson #P49 Disintegrate


By Mel Williamson

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 20 × 16 in

Oil on aluminum panel



In stock


A self-inflicted selfie sold online to me. Were pieces of herself given away in pixels to be re-established, in part, in paint? No. Still untouchable, she allows no voyeurs here. Cool indifference crosses platforms and lands in a truth of flesh.


Mel Williamson was born on Salt Spring Island and began her artistic journey with a career in graphic design and illustration. After years of working with a computer, she now loves painting in a way that shows the human hand. Weekly life-drawing sessions have been an important part of her development as a figure painter.

Mel’s paint is presented as a physical substance relating to our sense of touch. The tactile and slippery nature of oil paint is celebrated as subjects emerge like sculptures during the process. The background remains connected, only partially releasing the forms to create tension and animation. She captures in paint the emotions that are held within the figure—the truth expressed through unconscious gesture.