Nancy Walker #P47 Fixing Broken, A Golden Journey


By Nancy Walker

Pender Island, BC

Dimensions 3 × 9 × 11 in

Porcelain clay, rock, shell



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When pieces break in the kiln, we are conditioned to discard them. I was shocked to see my porcelain lifeboat had shattered in the kiln. I have saved these pieces and have come to see that they tell a different story than I had intended. We have all been broken in some way at some time in our lives, and the challenge is learning how to fix and cope with our brokenness so we can carry on. So I did not throw away these broken pieces; I saved them; because isn’t this what lifeboats are all about?


Nancy Walker talks in clay, articulating her ideas in clay for 36 years.
She has a BA from Simon Fraser University (1989) and is a graduate of Emily Carr College of Art and Design (1986). She studied metalsmithing and jewelry making at the universities of New Mexico and Oregon and fine art at the New England School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nancy collaborated with the internationally renowned Robert Minden Ensemble then Duo 1986–2008, assisting with their lighting, stage, costume design, and stage managing. She created the graphics for five of their recordings.

She is currently managing a big beautiful communal garden on Pender Island, BC.