Michela Sorrentino #P43 Urban Sari


By Michela Sorrentino

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 60 × 47.5 in

Acrylic, oil stick, ink, silk, paper



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Experimentation is constant in my work. My work is always evolving, and I am continually moving forward to maintain that element of surprise for myself and my viewers. I am intrigued by the urbanity of our modern-day lives and how we integrate with the natural world. The patina of time, city grit, well-worn textiles, natural flora; all come together to form something new yet reminiscent of our intrinsic nostalgia for stories of the past.

It is important to me in my process to push the boundaries of my work and allow for its continual growth.


Michela Sorrentino was born in Montreal, Canada, and studied fine art in Vancouver and textile design in Paris. Her work as a textile designer allowed her to spend her formative years in France, Italy, and Spain. This created a fertile ground for her later work as a graphic designer and painter.

Sorrentino’s work juxtaposes bold, organic shapes, and unusual colour combinations with dramatic mark-making that reflects an intuitive style. She uses graffiti-inspired typography that speaks to language without being literal. The abstract images that form her art are visuals from day-to-day life and are true reflections of what she sees around her.

Sorrentino currently works in mixed media, printmaking, and monotypes, combining cold wax, acrylic, oil, graphite, ink, gouache, and charcoal.

Michela’s work is part of private collections in Europe, Canada, and the USA.