Murray Siple #P42 An Accumulation of Indignities


By Murray Siple

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 36 × 48 in

Acrylic on canvas



In stock


This composition incorporates my experience painting in a studio in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The sickened marine life in Burrard Inlet has turned white in the horror of the pollution and industrial, marine traffic. The beluga has morphed into a hybrid of an evil Virgin Mary. I appear in my wheelchair with wings while a hand from the grave attempts to help me for no clear reason but to make my wheel spin. The leopard seal has lost its spots and reveals an ill-fated tongue. In the shadows, a heroin addict gets his fix.


Murray Siple attended the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 1990 and started an experimental style by mixing paint with technology. A high-speed motor vehicle accident left him with quadriplegia. Murray began sketching everywhere he travelled. In rural Mexico, he painted murals and on expired election signs. Murray now paints in his studio on Salt Spring Island, BC, and continues to paint themes that evoke fears of what may lurk behind the darkness. He admits no other medium has felt as satisfying as painting, where he can compose what he dreams, what scares him, and what threatens our planet.