Dorion Scott #42 HEAVEN (the complete version)


By Dorion Scott

Toronto, ON

Dimensions 42 × 42 in

24K gold plate beads, organza, wood support



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A total of 9,096 stars light the night sky. Divide in half: north/south hemispheres: 4,548 points of visible light. Heaven is unobservable, in its entirety, from any location, on planet earth.

"HEAVEN (the complete version)" is composed of 9,096 24k gold-plated beads, hand-sewn, to a transparent support. A construction devised to activate ambient light—final effect: a floating veil of shimmering stars. The inclusion of gold is corroboration of materiality: a consequence of colliding neutron stars. Powerful, cosmic events that produce gravitational waves within the fabric of space-time itself. Illuminating evidence is indicative of knowledge beyond what can be observed.


The truth that hides just behind a facade informs Dorion Scott’s recent work. Learning at 21 she had been adopted when she was months old taught her to question all presumed assumptions. Unable to reconcile her personal history instigated further research into the origins of all our beginnings. “Every carbon atom in every living thing on planet earth was produced in the heart of a dying star” (a quote by physicist Brian Cox). Dorion is represented in Toronto and England, UK.