Joanna Rogers #38 Save Our Souls


By Joanna Rogers

Pender Island, BC

Dimensions 72 × 18 in

Handwoven, hand-dyed mercerized cotton



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I used a traditional Summer and Winter block pattern to weave the message "Save Our Souls" in morse code. I dyed the warp and weft threads with natural dyes (madder, cochineal, brazilwood, logwood, chestnut, pomegranate, myrobalan, cutch, walnut, marigold). The message can be read both vertically and horizontally and is picked out in the pink/orange/burgundy blocks. I am fascinated by non-verbal, antiquated modes of communication like morse code and semaphore. I love the slow, haptic nature of hand dying and hand weaving. The message in this piece silently screams the fate of our endangered species.


Joanna Rogers is a textile and mixed media artist. She studied Anthropology at Trent University, Peterborough, and Textile Arts at Capilano College, North Vancouver. She has lived on Pender Island for over 20 years and continues to be inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her. Joanna has shown her work in galleries across Canada and the US. Images of her work have appeared in local and global publications. In 2017 Joanna was a finalist for the Salt Spring National Art Prize. Her current body of work combines her love of natural dying, passion for weaving, and interest in coded forms of communication.