Pamela Plumb #P37 Song for a Discordant World


By Pamela Plumb

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 16 × 20 × 20 in

Wood, plywood, melamine, bone, metal



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This assemblage is part of an ongoing series inspired by the guitar's lyrical form and musicality. It is a song of sorts, reflecting and assuaging a discordant world.

Consider it an offering to the possibility of positive and conjunctive forces being born from the marriage of difference.

Fragments of natural and fabricated elements are joined, boneset against steel, and the incongruous coupling plays on a strange instrument of the artist's making.


Pamela Plumb is a mixed-media artist, working two- and three-dimensionally. She has degrees in the biological sciences and architecture. Pamela’s work references both nature and human enterprise using construction materials, cast-offs, and natural or manufactured fragments. Tree fragments are brought into conjunction with found objects and fragments of unlikely provenance. Through this process, the fragmented, cast-off, mundane, and sometimes ‘un-beautiful’ are transformed into objects of new narrative possibilities. She says, “My work strives to offer the possibility that positive and conjunctive forces can be born from difference.”

Her work has been exhibited and sold internationally.