PAS 250 Ticket


A ticket to choose one of approximately 45 original artworks by local artists at the Choosing Gala on September 4.

SSNAP’s own Patrick McCallum dishes on how to get in on the PAS 250 action. Don’t miss the Choosing Gala—it’s going to be a blast!


    1. All artworks are original works (including prints) by Southern Gulf Islands artists, many of whom are past SSNAP or PAS finalists.
    2. PAS 250 artworks may only be acquired with a PAS 250 ticket.

1. Ticket price is $250.00, including applicable taxes. Payment in full is required for tickets.
2. A ticket entitles the holder to one of the PAS 250 works on display. It does not guarantee the ticketholder any specific work.
3. Tickets for PAS 250 artworks can be purchased via the SSNAP Society website (Paypal or credit card only) or at ArtSpring gallery.
4. Tickets are not refundable.

Artwork Selection
1. Artwork selection will be held at the Choosing Gala on September 4th, 6–9pm
2. We encourage ticketholders to assign a proxy attendee in the event they can’t attend the Choosing Gala themselves.
3.   We expect ticketholders or their assigned proxy to attend the Choosing Gala to choose an artwork when their name is drawn.
4. Artworks will be allocated by a random draw process to ensure fairness.
5. During the event, a SSNAP Society representative will randomly draw a ticket holder’s name and number. This will be announced publicly up to three times.
6. The individual holding the drawn ticket will choose one of the available artworks.
7. If the ticketholder doesn’t come forward after their name/number is announced three times, they will be considered a “no show”.
8. This process will continue until all tickets/names are drawn.
9. Red dots on the artwork indicate the artwork has already been claimed.
10.No-shows will be contacted by the Salt Spring National Art Prize Society and invited to visit the gallery on September 5th (10am–3:00pm) to choose a piece based on a first-come, first-choice system. Unclaimed artworks (if any) will be listed on the SSNAP Society website.
11.Unallocated artwork may be available for direct sale on September 5th , depending on the allocation of artwork to no shows.
12.All artwork choices are final.

Artwork pickup
1. Artwork must be picked up on September 5th between 10 am and 3:00 pm

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