Judit Navratil #P35 we are so excited for us


By Judit Navratil

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 60 × 48 in

Ink, crayon, acrylic on paper



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In the times of the birth of AI, we shall focus on how to be good ancestors. This painting is a meditation on being a multitude, creating safe and inclusive trans-species spaces, and the protection of Mary's Cape. The tent (Mary's Cape) is a symbol for the flux of migration and our groundless, floating, free-falling 'state': the shapeshifting that veils the loss and price we pay for the capital. We need to bring the seeds of slowing down, listening, and taking care. My drawings are translations and offerings of my privileges and the love that I was built of.


Judit Navratil is a transdisciplinary artist working with extended reality, social practices, and performance. She is an educator, mother, and the founder and curator of a social VR art residency program.

The relationship between the real and virtual is personally significant to Judit, as she has moved between several different countries and cultures in her lifetime and relies on digital means to connect to people and places in an attempt to construct ‘home.’