Paul Nadeau #35 Father Stone Throw, are you Pathetic or are you Brokenhearted?


By Paul Nadeau

Outremont, QC

Dimensions 30 × 36 in

Oil, oil stick, and calcium carbonate on canvas



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"Father Stone Throw, are you Pathetic or are you Brokenhearted?" refers to the aging infrastructures and populations which are left over in the wake of the continuing decline of extractive resource economies in rural BC. In this painting, a trucker, once a miner, is sandwiched between visions of tourist/leisure activity scribbled on the exterior of his truck and three travelers who urinate on the road embankment through the opposite window.


Paul Nadeau is a painter, printmaker, and luthier originally from Victoria, BC. He splits his time between his painting studio in Montreal and various watery places in BC. Nadeau completed his BFA at Concordia University in 2020. He has since co-founded the Montreal Tailings Program and received funding from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation. Most recently, he completed a 9,078 km Road Research Residency which has left him alone and weary, and ready to drive another 4,757 km all the way home.