Karin Millson #P32 Irisation of Laughter


By Karin Millson

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 42 × 42 × 31 in

Mixed media: threads, silver metal



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“Irisation of Laughter” is my fourth large installation to consider the human condition through art and science.

In 2019, I began winding and hand-stitching coloured, tiny spheres. It was inconceivable then that these design elements, selected to explore positive emotions, could be suggestive of a, as yet unknown, threatening virus.

As I worked, I became fascinated with unintended consequences: a viewer’s response was affected by their sometimes negative evolving life experiences.

Through process thinking, I drew hope into the work: silver-lined cloud formations instill positivity whilst, in extremes, white light splits—encouraging joy and optimism.




Karin Millson is a conceptual, mixed-media artist with a doctorate in Micropalaeontology and a Master Craftsman’s Qualification (London’s City & Guilds).

When working on subjects seemingly distant from the natural world, she cannot help but produce pieces that viewers say echo Ernst Haeckel’s drawings or could be deep-sea discoveries.

She asks the viewer to: “Find meaning in my sculptures by incorporating your worldly knowledge and infinite imagination.”

Her work has been exhibited/sold internationally and supported by the Omani Society for Fine Arts, the Salt Spring Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Her dream: To see her works scaled-up, displayed in a domestic, corporate, or public space.