Amy Melious #P29 Next Step


By Amy Melious

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 27 × 38 in

Photo composite, pigment print on fine art paper, finished by hand with dry pastels. Archival mat, museum glass, custom frame handmade from salvaged wood.



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I once observed some small birds in a hedge in a parking lot. Those vibrant creatures appeared to have found a way to live in a paved world. At least there was a hedge. If it were to be removed, where would they go next? And, if it comes down to it, where would we go?

This miraculous planet houses every living thing in a system of interconnectedness that is severely threatened. Still, evidence of resilience exists on earth where there is rest and balance.

It is time to step forward with more care than ever before.


Amy Melious grew up surrounded by quiet forests and the powerful Pacific Ocean. Nature has been a continuous inspiration and vital touchstone throughout her life.

Her photographic career began in the early eighties with film cameras and in a traditional darkroom. Early on, she felt a desire to “add back the unphotographable parts” to the images captured by camera. This led to experimenting with alternative techniques and hand painting, eventually evolving into digital captures and Adobe Photoshop development. She continues to hand paint her fine art pigment prints.

Amy has been a resident of Salt Spring Island since 2004.