Peter McFarlane Corral Jump


By Peter McFarlane

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 11 × 48 in

Circuit boards, wood and glue



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As a computer sales consultant in the nineties, I salvaged a plethora of motherboards to use in my art practice as the speed of the industry reduced them to redundancy and obsolescence. To me, they were the perfect 21st-century canvas. In this piece, I play with the concept of ‘messengers’ having fabricated horses—which in the past were the most expedient relayer of communication; out of circuit boards—which are presently the speediest contemporary ‘messengers.’ The horses jumping the corral represents my experience of leaving the safety and security of an industry for which I was unsuited.


Peter McFarlane is a conceptually based sculptor, mixed media, and installation artist.

“I take some pride in the wide and varied materials that I work in and refuse to be hemmed into any one particular element, though the recycled object or image has been a steady, first string regular! To me, waste is just a lack of imagination! I want all my work to challenge the viewer’s expectations and perceptions. I hope to unsettle the obvious relationship of the viewer with their understanding of the everyday mundane object! I hope it makes the audience look closer, think harder and reconsider the parts of our lives that are often overlooked and create a more comprehensive understanding of the world around us. I rely on long hours, landfills, serendipity, and luck to create something vivid, memorable, in amber! Still, the theme remains: something new is once again recycled from the old meanings that consciousness has left behind but not forgotten.”