Bob Leatherbarrow #P23 The World Turned Upside Down


By Bob Leatherbarrow

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 3.75 × 29 × 26 in

Kilnformed glass



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As the pandemic escalated, I retreated to the studio and began a self-imposed residency. My challenge was to create precise patterns of straight and intersecting lines, which are normally considered the bane of kilnformed glass. During the process of shaping the glass into deep bowls, these lines were transposed into sweeping profiles. When inverted, the bowls could be arranged so the patterns ‘bounced’ between domes in a manner that I found both calming and engaging. What started as functional objects, like so many personal routines this past year, have been transformed, reorganized, and made new through discovery and change.


Bob Leatherbarrow has been creating with kilnformed glass for over 30 years. With a background in science, he understands how glass behaves when heated, which has led to developing and championing several innovative techniques in kilnformed glass. He shares this knowledge with the glass community through international teaching, e-books, videos, and writing articles for major glass magazines.