Intergalactic Empowerment Wampum Belt (Xenomorph, Onkwehón:we, Na’vi, Twi’lek, E.T.)


Artist: Skawennati

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Wampum belts are are powerful symbols of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture, standing in for concepts, agreements and treaties. A famous wampum belt is the Friendship Belt, which depicts, in purple and white, human figures holding hands, denoting peace. Intergalactic Empowerment Belt imagines a far future in which this imagery has evolved. Five alien races, represented by five different colours, hold hands, which are now raised in a gesture of empowerment. Indigenous Futurism brings together ancient knowledges with ideas, hopes and dreams about tomorrow. As a contributor to this movement, I strive to show Indigenous people thriving alongside all humanity, and beyond.

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