Susan Huber #P16 The Tent


By Susan Huber

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 8 × 10 in




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I work to capture the mysteries inherent in all landscapes. My camera seeks out quirky undertones; I look for subjects that are less guarded, closer to nature, and still agreeable towards the idea of magic happening.

I wish to take viewers out of time and into their senses—to venture out on soils of past eons, of stories long since told and now forgotten. The raw sophistication in the geometries of currently built environments, the ghosts of complex histories, and uncertain futures wander through each image.


Susan Huber is a Canadian photographer who travels in the present while keeping an eye on the past. Using a large camera and 19th-century processes, her work portrays visions of historical relationships between indigenous peoples and European settlers on lands they lived.

Mainly self-taught, Huber has attended fine art classes with Henry Gilpin, Linda Connor, Mark Klett, and Robert Dawson. Inspired by large format photography and 19th-century processes in the work of Robert Dawson, Sally Mann, and Linda Connor, Huber employs platinum/palladium as it evokes depth and warmth, more so than with the silver gelatin process.

Her work can be found in private collections in Europe, North America, South America, and Russia.