Lucas Hale #19 Skateboarding is Medicine


By Lucas Hale

Calgary, AB

Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 in

Moosehide, skateboard, glass beads, quills



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"Skateboarding is Medicine" focuses on themes of healing and kinship. As the child of parents who were both adopted, I wish to honour my relationships with my parents and the culture I was raised in. Together, my mother and I are on a journey of reconnecting with our Lenape roots. My father raised me within the subculture of skateboarding. This work honours those bonds through traditional beadwork techniques and contemporary skateboard graphic art, with imagery influenced by Lenape creation stories. Through the creation process, I discovered the many parallels between skateboarding and beading. Beading is medicine. Skateboarding is medicine.


Lucas Hale is a Lenape-Potawatomi-European visual artist and member of Moravian of the Thames, Delaware Nation, in Southern Ontario. He is currently based in Treaty 7 territory, residing in Mohkinstsis. Lucas is a student at the University of Calgary, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Indigenous Studies with a minor in Visual Studies and Art History. Lucas’ practice mainly focuses on beadwork, a skill he learned from Nehiyaw artist Judy Anderson. By employing traditional beadwork techniques and materials such as moose hide, Lucas uses skateboard art to communicate traditional Indigenous stories to a contemporary audience.