Ute Hagen #P12 Exuberant


By Ute Hagen

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 22 × 16 in

Acrylic, charcoal, graphite on watercolour paper



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This piece addresses how much I love and trust my intuition. It was done totally spontaneously and intuitively with 'exuberant' energy. I used graphite and charcoal for the lines, then rubbed charcoal dust into the surface, later added some acrylic paint, and finished it by sealing with matte medium; (I had primed the paper with heavy gel gloss for texture the night before).


Ute Hagen was an impressionist painter for decades. Two years ago, she turned to working abstract and loves it! She starts her work entirely with intuition, spontaneity, freedom, and feeling from her heart.

She always wanted to become a painter, but since art school was not an option for her as a teenager, she opted for a 3-year cabinetmaker apprenticeship in Germany and later worked for a short time as an antique restorer before immigrating to Canada in 1965.

She loves colour and texture, experimenting, and trying out new materials.

Nothing makes her feel more alive than creating something.