Anna Gustafson #P11 No End in Sight…


By Anna Gustafson

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 72 × 42 × 36 in

Single-use plastic, used linen, paper, table



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I enshroud single-use plastic to individuate each one as it passes through my life. This acknowledges the destruction its creation required.

Without space to install 323 enshrouded objects or open the accordion book to its full forty feet, I am instead invoking the context of its inception—my kitchen.

Cooking and cleaning, a major source of single-use plastic, is still primarily women’s work, as was enshrouding the dead in preparation for burial.

Despite our knowledge of the profound toxicity of plastic at every stage of its manufacture and use, I see no end in sight…


Anna Gustafson was born in Sweden to a Guatemalan/Italian mother and Swedish father and, as a child, immigrated to Vancouver. Gustafson’s long view has benefited from being nurtured in a multi-cultural family within an immigrant perspective.

An important premise of her work is that we best remember information and events through our senses and emotions. The sensory component of her work encourages each viewer to develop emotional responses: to engage, absorb, and remember the concepts and information depicted.

An honours graduate of Vancouver School of Art—now Emily Carr—Anna has shown in public galleries since 1974.