Sibéal Foyle #P09 Trophy (tagged)


By Sibéal Foyle

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 52 × 42 in

Pastel and charcoal on paper



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This drawing is from an image I took during a visit to a small hardware store in an almost abandoned main street in a rural community. Mounted and hung with pride, tagged trophies from years of hunting all over Canada and the USA stared down among the nails, screws, and cleaning products. The store assistant granted permission to photograph the trophies on the condition that the viewer was aware that all of the hunted meat had been eaten.


Sibéal Foyle is an Irish Canadian artist and educator who moved to Salt Spring Island in 2017 with her husband, Peter. Her new coastal, rural surroundings led to more in-depth studies of the local flora and fauna around her and an acute awareness of how fragile and precious it all is.

Using watercolours, conté, pastels, and paint, she started to draw studies of local lichens, birds, and bees. From there, she has developed a series of larger drawing studies of cherished, iconic Canadian large mammals.

“Living on a small island has changed how I mark time. Observing seasonal changes by bird migrations, nesting preferences, and year-round food availability has made me acutely aware of how fragile and precious our local ecosystem is and how much in danger we are of destroying it. It is my hope that, by highlighting this beauty through my drawings, we will be moved to realize that we can all do a lot more to protect our local flora and fauna.”