SOLD Frank Ducote #P07 Stendhal Syndrome (Woman and Kandinsky’s Blue-Red, 1922)


By Frank Ducote

Pender Island, BC

Dimensions 35 × 24.6 in

Digital painting/collage, face-mounted print



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The Stendhal Syndrome, also known as the Florence Syndrome, seems to be real, at least to varying degrees. All true art lovers—and certainly artists themselves—experience the feeling of being lost in or consumed by a work of art. The most recent extreme case is of a man who had a heart attack while viewing Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery. This piece is something of an homage to the protean and ongoing influence of Wassily Kandinsky on the world of modern art, using contemporary digital media.



Frank Ducote is an urban designer, painter, folk artist, and early adopter of digital artmaking.

Co-founder of the Blood Star Gallery on South Pender Island since 1999.

Co-founder of the annual Art Walk on South Pender Island since 2000.

Core member of Art Off the Fence Art Show and Sale since 1999.