Stefanie Denz #P06 The Garden


By Stefanie Denz

Salt Spring Island, BC

Dimensions 15.5 × 20 in

Oil on plastic



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Superimposed on the glowing foliage of a garden are two figures. They are pale on the soft plastic surface, and the rider holds her straps lightly as they edge forward. There is no force; rather, the compromised position is that of the theatre of the absurd. With hands and knees on the ground, she has an embodied understanding of where she is and how they might move through the undergrowth.
Society can be like gardens, with paths, chosen plants, prunings, and seasonal changes shaping our movement. However, I do think we know that what has been removed is still part of us. It is irrational, grounding, and knowing.


Stefanie Denz, MFA, University of Auckland (Commonwealth Scholarship 1989), is a recipient of Canada Council awards, and BC Arts Council and Salt Spring Arts Council grants. She has exhibited and is in private collections in New Zealand, Germany, USA, and Canada. Stefanie attended residencies in Berlin in 2013 and 2014 (Transart Institute). In 2020, she completed Art Therapy certification at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute.

Stefanie includes a variety of materials in her paintings besides using traditional substrates. Her subject matter explores relationships within the composition and how that shapes the narrative. She paints her surroundings: family and friends, movie stills, media sources, architecture, dreams, and daily life. Stefanie’s work is spatial, concerned with context and how we find ourselves where we are. Stefanie lives on Salt Spring Island, BC.