Kenna Barradell #P01 Magical Thinking


By Kenna Barradell

Pender Island, BC

Dimensions 88.5 × 30.5 × 30.5 in

Multi-media, steel, aluminum, wood, acrylic



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This work explores the idea of finding roots in a fictional European settler's familial past. Inspired by W.B. Yeats's poem The Second Coming, the artist highlights the role of chaos, tradition, and magical thinking in human development through the generations. Like the poem, the artist encourages the viewer to question philosophies that prove to be counterproductive for survival. The sculpture turns to reflect alternative facets, inside or outdoors.



Kenna Barradell, a retiree living on Pender Island, is an escapee from coffee and lunch dates in the city! At eight years old, she was inspired to create visual art when she saw the beautiful paintings of her fellow grade 3 classmates. The works of fellow artists still motivate her. She left art school in Vancouver and Victoria to follow an easier path through university studies in psychology, linguistics, and education. She now boldly makes up for those lost creative years in her work with large formats: paint, clay, and metal. The expressionists, abstract artists, sculptors, and textile and clay artists of all kinds feed Kenna’s creative soul. Her works are emotional, political, and, typically, human-centered. Today, metal inspires her to learn new ways of communicating through the eyes.