SOLD Cecilia Barboza #01 El Nazareno


By Cecilia Barboza

Calgary, AB

Dimensions 24 × 18 in

Stained glass, mirror and wire on wood panel



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This piece is part of an ongoing mosaic art series about City Art. I am captivated by how cities develop. In this mosaic, I was inspired by one of many slum areas in Caracas. Slums are spontaneous responses when people cannot afford housing. Its lack of formality and the absence of rules result in this melodic harmony of polychromatic boxes integrated into an intricate terrain imposed like a massive fortress before your eyes. Built with cement, steel-rebar and burnt-red bricks, houses are linked by tangles of electricity cables arching in the sky, creating a vibrant landscape with very complex perspectives.


Cecilia Barboza is a Venezuelan-Canadian emerging artist who immigrated to Canada in 2008. Cecilia was exposed to visual arts while pursuing her degree in architecture and master’s in Heritage Conservation and during her professional practice in the restoration of heritage buildings in Caracas. Her work with different materials, especially stained-glass and mosaics, was a fascinating experience that ignited her passion for becoming an artist. Since 2018 she has committed to developing her artistic skills and practice. As a contemporary mosaic artist, her goal is to create a visual legacy of the social and urban dynamics she has been moved by.